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HODGE & Associates typically develops customized seminars and workshops. We tailor programs to the specific needs of our clients in the most cost effective manner possible. We can deliver education programs directly or train our client companies to deliver programs using internal resources.

The following programs are frequently requested and may be customized to meet individual company needs. Please contact us for additional information about these or other education needs.

Driving Your Own Career
Traditional education arms people with functional and technical knowledge, but rarely with the information needed to successfully manage a career. Participants learn how careers are really built, how people derail, what developmental jobs and tasks look like, and why they must think of themselves as learners. The workshop focuses heavily on self knowledge - understanding strengths and weaknesses; aligning talent, interests and opportunities; and employing various learning strategies for personal growth.

From Managing Self to Managing Others
Perhaps the biggest transition anyone makes in a career is the move from being a solo contributor (I do the work myself) to managing others (I direct the people who do the work). Many struggle with letting go of what worked in the past and enabling others to do the work themselves. Most underestimate how different and difficult a manager role will be. This workshop helps new managers learn to balance people and tasks, define and assign work to be done, and build effective relationships with direct reports and bosses.

The Manager as Coach Seminar
A great coach gets the best out of his or her team - inspiring them to highest level of performance. Feedback - what's working and what's not - is a critical part of the process. While some managers see themselves as teachers and coaches, most do not. This seminar is designed to help line managers give balanced feedback and coach direct reports toward higher performance. It is particularly aimed at accelerating the performance and growth of middle and higher performers rather than intervening in performance problems.

Vaccinating against Derailment
No one who derails expects it to happen. Many derailments occur during transitions and often after years of successful performance. When the job, the boss or the organization change, weaknesses may come into play, blind spots suddenly matter, and overused strengths get in the way. This workshop helps people identify common derailment traps and create proactive strategies for avoiding them.

HODGE & Associates also develops customized seminars and workshops.

Introduction to the Leadership Architect

HODGE & Associates offers a 1.5 day introduction to The Leadership Architect that qualifies as a certification in basic Leadership Architect tools and serves as a prerequisite for training in other products in the Suite. The following tools, as well as comprehensive background in the research behind the tools and best talent management practices, are included in the introductory workshop.

Leadership Architect Competency Sort Cards for creating competency models and success profiles

FYI For Your ImprovementTM for creating individual development plans for any of Lominger's 67 competencies and 19 career stallers and stoppers

Career Architect Development Planner for creating comprehensive, longer term career development plans focused on jobs and develop-in-place assignments

Success Profile ArchitectTM for generating research and expert-based competency profiles

Certification in Leadership Architect Suite Tools

Several products in The Leadership Architect Suite require certification. As a Master Associate with Lominger Limited, Inc., HODGE & Associates offers certification in the following tools. All certifications must include a set of prescribed content, but may also be tailored to specific client applications.

Cultribute Architect for identifying organization capabilities and the leadership competencies needed to achieve them

Interview Architect for generating competency-based interview templates with behavioral questions and themes to look for

Choices for identifying people who are learning agile through an electronic survey instrument

Learning From ExperienceTM for assessing and selecting people who are learning agile through an in-depth interview

Voices for providing 360 feedback

Team Architect for identifying success factors for newly forming teams and for diagnosing gaps between existing team skills and critical team success factors.


We believe strongly that knowledge should be transferred and strive to contribute to the field through our articles and product development efforts.

Using the Career Architect to Assess and Develop Leadership Competencies, Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, Special Issue: Using Career Assessments with Adults, Volume 19 Number 2

Early Career: Focus on "Firsts"
Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, Special Issue: to be published summer 2005

Middle Career: The Paradox of Fit and Flexibility
Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, Special Issue: To be published summer 2005

Guest Editor, Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, Special Issue: Work Search: To be published summer 2005

Developed Interview Architect Express and Learning from ExperienceTM Interview with Les Woller, Bob Eichinger and Mike Lombardo, of Lominger Limited, Inc.


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